Now Accepting Clients for 2021

Custom Drill Design

I will work with your program to create cleanable and teachable drill to produce effective and clear moments. All staging comes with musical achievement and clarity in mind regardless of group size. I have had the privilege of working with top drill designers in the activity, and I am consistently building innovative strategies to make your production memorable for your audiences and achievable for your performers.

Program Coordination

This is the most effective option in creating a complete and vibrant production. I can assist your program in developing a unique and bold design that works to the strengths of your program. Coordination includes initial concept, music choices, props, costuming, effect moments, color guard integration, choreography, and full season production schedules. I also have the privilege of working with world class arrangers and designers who can meet all your program’s needs.

Non-Competitive/Pep Drill

Every program is entering an unknown situation for 2020. This service is to provide your students with a fun and attainable production given rehearsal and performance limitations. Many programs will be unsure of their student enrollment, and this solution allows for directors to provide information when available and receive a show promptly.

Program Consulting

I offer digital or in-person consulting to assist programs at any point in their design process or competitive season. As a band director myself, we consistently bring in “fresh eyes” to give meaningful feedback to our design ideas and teaching strategies. Digital consulting includes season-long video production notes and periodic design meetings. I can also refer your team to specialists in percussion, electronics, choreography, and more.

Winter Movement Camps

Most programs I work with employ a movement camp curriculum to build skill and coordination leading to their competitive seasons. We implement show-related materials to get a head start on choreography and movement that can be utilized in our productions. I will coordinate a movement specialist with your team with in-person instruction or video learning. This is effective for both beginner and advanced students as we cater instruction to the growth of the client.


I am available to adjudicate your contest, and I have experience in Visual Performance, Visual Ensemble, and Effect captions. Feedback is positive, constructive, and relevant to the process of the competitive season. If you are looking for adjudicators in other captions, I can recommend experienced judges in all areas.